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Crafted to fit your needs

In response to the needs of the market and taking into account the specifics of industries such as, among others, finance, insurance and renewable energy we have created a complete and easy-to-use CRM system of the 21st century. All the elements necessary to acquire.

It contains all the elements necessary to acquire and service your customers from campaigns and call centers, management for traders and back-office to comprehensive statistics and reporting.

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Full of possibilities

Simple setup, advanced functionality, supercomputer speed and ease to expand together with your organization. You will find everything you need in ceremeo.

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Safe and stable

We provide modern security systems, full compliance with the GDPR, UODO, EDPB and regular updates. High-quality servers guarantee efficiency and smooth operation.

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Your very best employee

Our CRM is also a Call Center for a fraction of the price*, an intelligent tool for traders and managers as wall as a robot that will work for you - filling in missing lead data or even bring you potential customers.
* comparing to commonly used VOIP platforms

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Simply mobile

From the office, remotely, in the field or on the way to a meeting. On a computer, tablet or your phone. Whenever you are you always have the full range of ceremeo possibilities. Start using them!

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System ceremeo

  • All Functionalities
  • Sales module
  • Call Center module
  • Back Office module
  • Mobile access
  • Migration from previous CRM

System ceremeo

  • Crafted to fit your needs
  • Configured for you
  • Individually developed functions
  • Automated dialers
  • IN&OUT API Campaigns
  • 24/7 Support

Are you interested in acquiring more customers ?

We have our own databases of over 5,5 mln records among which there are people interested in your offer.

Functionalities you will love


The OmniChannel strategy is the best way to serve the customer. In ceremeo, you will create a coherent OmniChannel service that will be appreciated by both your clients and coworkers. .


Even the most complicated things can be presented simply. Following this principle, we have created a system that will easily adapt to your business. .


Success often depends on the right information obtained at the right time. That is why we measure, count and present always up-to-date, complete and legible reports. .


You do not need many days of training, courses or internships to be fluent in the ceremeo system. Quick implementation and easy, intuitive operation of our CRM mean more time for business. .


It will improve and speed up customer phone service by traders, advisers or call center.


Now you don't need to collect all information from the client itself. With one click you will fill in all the missing data, from the customer address to all his financial data.

Trust and experience - 7 350 000 handled leads

We have successfully completed a dozen implementation so far. Our customers serve thousands of leads every day thanks to ceremeo. Join us and find out that the only CRM you need is the ceremeo system!.

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